Private Equity


Private Equity industry, called “PE” in English and “投资” in Chinese, is a practice area where we ease your operations on fiscal and legal basis.

Our team is fresh and innovative, transparent and manage all its resources under a leadership active, pro-active, trustworthy and well recognized by both clients and associates. We manage all information with privacy, discretion and with a full comprehension of client objections. Namely, we criticize our theories and conjectures about the outcomes of every operation, with a special attention to the refutations, which come from the truth of a deal. Our method is a constant comparison of virtual data on persons (managers, partners, bankers) with real information and details (we privilege face-face meetings, direct talking and briefing, after the virtual due diligence in our data rooms). Our experience includes private equity funds, management of teams, of equity co-investors and of relationship with senior and subordinated lenders.

SMAF & Associates (seats in Milan, Rome and Bologna) advises private equity funds on the acquisition and disposal of companies, as well as on any legal issues that arise during ownership of a company. Instructed by the client we carry out an initial analysis of a company (the due diligence process, the following contractual arrangements with the seller and the arrangements of financing):

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Tax and Check of conflicts of interest
  • Corporate finance and Debt Finance
  • Securities issues
  • Negotiation of bridge loans and Emergency loan documents
  • Senior and subordinated loans (syndicated or “club deals”)
  • Non-registered shelf arrangements
  • Equity Finance and related arrangements
    Divestitures and restructurings of portfolio companies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fund and portfolio investments + Formation Fund Management
  • Corporate governance and Exit Strategies (at the portfolio or fund level + IPOs)
  • Monetizing intellectual property assets



We encourage our clients to approach Private Equity also making access to “Settlement” of their potential disputes during negotations.

By “mediation” we mean amicable and peaceful negotiation of conflicts, but also in general the typical act of each of us, as a social actor, of learning, experimenting and applying social practices in the common civil life.

These practices are the object of our training, of our education to civil life, and to know them, verify their use and use them in a technical sense, is an act of constant “mediation” between our reality of individuals or “groups” and the particular “logic of the situation” of the worldly or earthly reality, to which we are bound every day and that every new day presents itself with constantly renewed characters.

Our engagement has philosophical origins. It implies a certain of idea of Mediation of disputes, a Fuzzy Theory of Truth, a certain idea of Network Economy.

Truth is sometimes fuzzy, in the comparison of interest in conflict, therefore we recommend to mediate cases too much vague.

Finally, we live in a Network Economy, and inside such system our conjecture is that a new perspective (network analysis) for law and lawyers should be fighting for diffusion of wealth, information and education.assistance.

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