IN THIS SECTION I will order a certain number of short posts published on Linkedin public pages of Philosophy groups discussion.




The daily discussion into afore mentioned groups helped me focusing on importance of humanities in developing practical responses to professional and economical and juridical problems.

To this aim I would quote about relevance of Arts and Humanities (especially humanism and religion) the verses of T.S. Eliot from the Choruses from “The Rock” (especially the final part explains very well why science is a capital debtor to Humanities of all that it conquered, and that justly conquered):

  • It is hard for those who have never known persecution,
  • And who have never known a Christian,
  • To believe these tales of Christian persecution.
  • It is hard for those who live near a Bank
  • To doubt the security of their money.
  • It is hard for those who live near a Police Station
  • To believe in the triumph of violence.
  • Do you think that the Faith has conquered the World
  • And that lions no longer need keepers?
  • Do you need to be told that whatever has been, can still be?
  • Do you need to be told that even such modest attainments
  • As you can boast in the way of polite society
  • Will hardly survive the Faith to which they owe their significance?
  • Men! polish your teeth on rising and retiring;
  • Women! polish your fingernails:
  • You polish the tooth of the dog and the talon of the cat.
  • Why should men love the Church? Why should they love her laws?
  • She tells them of Life and Death, and of all that they would forget.
  • She is tender where they would be hard, and hard where they like to be soft.
  • She tells them of Evil and Sin, and other unpleasant facts.
  • They constantly try to escape
  • From the darkness outside and within
  • By dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.”



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