A conjecture about nature and objectivity of beauty.

If objective beauty would be a property of others perceptions, the problem of seeing/being beautiful relation would be solved this way: my perception is partly supporting others beauty, others beauties are partly supporting my perception. Somewhere in the process of aesthetic interaction between object and subject shall take place a perfect convergence of two apparently separated realities.

If someone tells to not beat our heads on “Beauty is subjective/Objective”, given that in reality it is both. Not only at different places and occasions but simultaneously too, we could reply with that inquiry: What about difference of opinions and average opinions about beauty?

Neither precise definition for beauty nor discrete average opinions are possible. It/he/she hits your eyes and our eye experiences a vague resonance which vaguely creates and receives beautiful qualia…somewhere, in a fuzzy centre of interaction of vision/hearing/ tasting/smelling, must exist a crisp core of beauty neither objective nor subjective.


Beauty 4                          Beauty 5                          Beauty 2            



Beauty                       Beauty 3


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